Saturday, November 20, 2010

UFC 123 Results: B.J. Penn Demolishes Matt Hughes in 21 Seconds

B.J. Penn made  short work of Matt Hughes at UFC 123. He demolished the former welterweight champ in 0:21 of the first round with a hard right hand followed up by a brutal series of punches from the top. Penn seemed extra fired up for this fight.
It was the kind of performance that made Penn one of the legends of the sport many years ago. 
After the bout, B.J. Penn ran out of the Octagon briefly but returned to have his hand raised.
This was the rubber match in one of MMA's most dramatic rivalries. Penn shocked the world when he upset Hughes and took his welterweight title in 2004 at UFC 46. He walked away from the belt in a contract dispute immediately thereafter.
Hughes got his revenge in their rematch at UFC 63 when he pounded out Penn in the third round after surviving a series of tight submission attacks in the second round.  

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